• HungerIntoHope

    Turning Hunger Into Hope

    Over the last 20 years, we’ve shipped our grinders to more than 40 countries. Check out what we've heard from our customers in Haiti.

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  • Millet

    Better Together: How Collaboration Spurs Innovation Adoption

    There is a growing demand for millet in Senegal—and small farmers have the opportunity to cash in, if they are able to produce quality grain in volume.

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  • PBSHomepage

    Who is my neighbor?


    A recent PBS feature on CTI poses the question, "who are our neighbors?" Are they just the families on our block, or are we part of a global community?

    Watch the video here!


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We create practical food and water tools that empower the global poor to better feed and support themselves.

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We design innovative tools that help farmers harvest, store and process their crops, as well as gain access to clean drinking water.

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We aren't interested in short-term solutions or handouts. Our technologies and programs provide sustainable pathways out of hunger and poverty.

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We approach our mission with hearts full of compassion, heads brimming with ideas. And hands eager to build – and to join with others. All to empower small farmers to overcome hunger, rise from poverty, and build hope.