Monday, 15 September 2008

Wooden Grinder Update

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Jerry LaGra reports from Guyana that he and his team have built a wooden grinder out of a native hard wood called Purple Heart.  Jerry indicated that the carpenter that made the grinder has above average skills and easily copied the oak grinder that CTI sent as a model (see photo).  The metal pieces that comprise the working parts of the grinder were also sent and incorporated into this Purple Heart grinder.  Fearing concerns about contamination, Jerry modified the design to include a stainless steel liner for the parts of the grinder that touched the food.  Jerry admits that this was a defensive decision because Purple Heart is already widely used for food bowls and other serving dishes.  Further work will be required on durability, leakage, etc. before the concept can receive a full endorsement, but to date the status is positive.

We have not received any reports on the horizontal axis wooden grinder and the lower cost vertical axis wooden version which have been shipped to Zambia.  We will issue another Flash Alert when we have more information.

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