Sunday, 16 November 2008

Thank You, Volunteers

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of CTI.  To recognize their hard work and dedication we held a Volunteer Recognition Event earlier this month at the Biosystems and Bioproducts Engineering Department of the University of Minnesota.  The turnout was impressive (over 40 volunteers!) and we wanted to take this opportunity to again mention how much we value their hard work.  Our volunteers – who are engineers, food scientists, volunteer travelers, Board members, Information Technology providers, art and design experts… the list goes on – make CTI what it is! They champion projects, develop technologies, support our work at home and overseas, and keep CTI moving forward.  Thank you!

As another way to reognize our volunteers, we will begin regularly featuring short biographies of different volunteers in our Post Harvest.  For our first segment, we’d like to highlight our 2008 Volunteer of the Year, Ruth MacDonald.Ruth is the one to thank for our beautiful 2007 and 2008 Annual Reports, as well as our new website that will be coming out in early 2009.   She has volunteered many hours of her time and expertise to create these beautiful publications, and is revamping our website as part of her capstone project for her Masters Degree in Scientific and Technical Communications at Metropolitan State University.Ruth was introduced to CTI by volunteer Steve Clarke shortly after her involvement with the Peace Corps took her to Mali in 2003.  At the time, Ruth and her husband Mike were searching for groups to volunteer with and, after seeing the need in Mali for simple, appropriate technologies to assist the people in processing their crops, were drawn to CTI’s mission to create just such solutions.

Ruth majored in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration at Iowa State University and went on to work as a medical photographer and forensic photographer (among other things) before heading to Mali with the Peace Corps.Ruth now works at American Medical Systems as a technical writer, and enjoys biking, camping, and working in the garden where, her husband says, “She really gets into compost.”Thanks for all your hard work, Ruth!

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