Friday, 30 September 2011

CTI Supporters Celebrate 30 Years

In September, over 150 volunteers, donors and partners gathered to celebrate CTI’s 30th anniversary at the White Bear Lake United Methodist Church. Thank you to the many volunteers that helped organize the celebration. To see photos from the event, check out the online photo gallery.
Published in St. Paul
Sunday, 16 November 2008

Crops and Countries

As the global food crisis increasingly impacts millions of people, we are attempting to answer the questions: What nutritious crops are readily available?  Where are they grown?  How can CTI’s post harvest technologies make the nutrients in those native crops available to the people who grow them?

After polling our volunteers and consulting with various agricultural agencies, we developed this chart which we are casually calling “Crops by Country.”

On this chart you will find those crops and locations where CTI’s post harvest technology is currently at work (“Y” or green), and those countries where we know the crops shown are grown, but where our post harvest technologies have not yet been introduced (“P” or yellow).  Click on the sample below to view the chart.


As we consider the appropriate technologies for processing these crops in remote rural areas, we are learning that the yield (the percentage of seeds recovered) from current manual processing methods are often as low as 35%. The simple mechanized systems we are developing are generating yields from prototype models of around 75%.  If field test units confirm these results, our technologies can effectively double the yield these farmers and their families will get from their crops.

Think of the impact on the global food supply!  An impact made real through your partnership with us.

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