Current Technologies

Designing technologies for small farmers in developing countries requires smart and elegant engineering. Not only do the tools need to be desired and effective, for new technologies to be fully accepted into communities, it’s important that they’re affordable, well-built, easy to use and culturally appropriate.

rsz dsc 1143 7465CTI’s food and water tools empower the rural poor to live sustainable lives by helping them:

  •  Produce more food
  •  Gain access to safe drinking water
  •  Increase their incomes and become entrepreneurs
  •  Eat more nutritiously
  •  Add value to their harvest
  •  Reduce drudgery

Identifying and implementing technologies

CTI has been introducing practical technologies to communities in the developing world for more than 30 years. We can develop or identify appropriate technologies for other organizations, and we provide training and advice to individuals interested in implementing our technologies.

Get CTI’s technologies

Some of our technologies can be ordered from us and others can be built by you, with instructions from us. Whenever possible, we strive to have our devices manufactured in the developing world. It cuts down on freight costs, and generates employment in the community. Scroll through our technology pages to learn more about obtaining our devices, or contact us directly at


rsz dsc 1240 7562Grinder
A hand-operated burr mill that can produce flour from grains and make a creamy paste from roasted nuts.

rsz dsc 0025 4051
Water Chlorinator
An affordable, non-electrical water treatment device designed for gravity supply water systems.

rsz dsc 9749 6076 2Grain Thresher
A three-in-one tool that strips, threshes, and winnows grain, enabling farmers to reduce their post-harvest losses and processing time.