Monday, 13 August 2007

Wooden Body for Omega Grinder?

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The genius of George Ewing strikes again! In response to a discussion on how we might reduce the manufacturing and shipping costs of our Omega grinders, George offered to make a wooden grinder. And, voil√°! George made this model out of oak with metal tubing for the throat of the grinder. Otherwise the body, front plate and yoke all are made of wood in place of machined aluminium castings. Although we don't have production costs for the "Woody" as yet, we believe that as much as $125 could be removed from the inventoried cost. Additionally, because the product could be shipped disassembled, some savings could be realized in the shipping.

There is also the possibility of just shipping the metal components, i.e., shaft, helix, burrs, bearings and metal throat and allowing local artisans to make their own wooden part.So many options! A few Board members are also approaching IKEA to see if there is a fit with their philanthropic outreach and/or utilizing their supply chain to make and package the parts for us. We will report more on this exciting development as it develops. In the mean time, George, thank you once again!

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