Thursday, 15 May 2008

CTI Hosts State Minister for Agriculture in Rwanda

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Left to right: Dr. Clet Niyikiza, Dr. Agnes Abera Kalibata, George Ewing, Steve Clarke and Rod Brown. George explains, using a model, the operation of a Rustic Storage Building.

On Saturday April 26, Compatible Technology had the honor of hosting Dr. Agnes Abera Kalibata, the State Minister for Agriculture in Rwanda. Dr. Kalibata, who holds a PhD in agriculture from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, toured our facility in order to determine how our technologies could be applied profitably in Rwanda. While here, she was treated to demonstrations of our potato processing, grain and nut grinding, millet threshing, slicing and shredding devices, solar drying and water chlorination technologies. The Minister was very impressed with our people and our sustainable apparatuses.

During our subsequent discussions, the Minister expressed her enthusiasm for our food preservation and processing technologies. Since she has defined agricultural and environmental improvement goals for Rwanda she concentrated on these distinct areas. Rwanda currently is in the enviable position of producing more food products than it can consume. Therefore there is a profitable value chain that is available for Rwandans to commercially preserve food, by drying fruits, and/or converting these excesses into a processed product such as flour for distribution to less fortunate areas.

Many thanks to the Minister for visiting us and to our many volunteers who presented CTI in such a favorable light!

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