Wednesday, 18 February 2015

CTI Executive Director Leads BRIDGE Report on Gender and Food Security

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There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone, yet nearly one billion people are chronically hungryan estimated 60 percent of which are women and girls. BRIDGE, a gender and development-focused program at the Institute of Development Studies, recently released their 2014 report examining the role gender plays in hunger and malnutrition around the world.

The 2014 BRIDGE Cutting Edge Overview Report “Gender and Food Security” provides a comprehensive gender analysis of food and nutrition insecurity, concluding that gender equality and human rights are the key to achieving food and nutrition security. Although current responses to hunger and malnutrition are not entirely gender blind, they fail to address the underlying economic, social, and cultural causes of food security that are gender unjust. The report calls for policies and programs that take a comprehensive approach to food securitylinking nutrition, gender equality, trade, finance, agriculture, and other relevant areas.
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CTI’s Executive Director Alexandra Spieldoch brought her extensive experience to the study as lead advisor and co-author, collaborating with over 40 experts on food and nutrition security and gender around the world over a two-year process.

As an organization that primarily focuses on post-harvest technologies, CTI is incredibly excited about this work. In rural areas, women are responsible for the majority of post-harvest laborand we’ve seen firsthand how reducing this burden can increase yields, improve the quality of food produced, and help women better market and sell their crops. But while improving women’s access to technologies and resources is important, this report emphasizes that access alone is not enough. We are excited to learn from this report and engage in the dialogue it creates! Read the full report here.

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