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CTI designs affordable, effective technologies for communities that have been overlooked by mainstream engineering.

Africa is littered with well-meaning aid programs gone wrong, and that’s why we consider farmers our partners and we put them at the center of our design work. We work together to tackle challenges. We are a team.

We involve farmers in every step of the design process, starting by listening to rural communities—and to women in particular—to understand their concerns, their needs, and their culture.

Our global design team continues to collaborate directly with farmers to develop and test new innovations that are rugged, affordable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Check out our Design Innovation Path to learn more about our design process.

Whenever possible, we strive to have our devices manufactured in Africa; it cuts down on shipping costs and generates employment in the community. Our tools are distributed through our programs in Malawi and Senegal, and by individuals or organizations that purchase them from us.

rsz dsc 1240 7562 Grinder
A hand-operated burr mill that can produce flour from grains and make a creamy paste from roasted nuts.

rsz dsc 9749 6076 2 Grain Thresher
A hand-crank tool that threshes and winnows grain, reducing post-harvest losses and processing time.

sheller Peanut Tools
A set of tools that help farmers rapidly harvest, strip, and shell more peanuts with far less effort